German for Beginners with 10 Audio Files

by Amburkar Vittal Rao


This e-book contains ten lessons for learning the basics of the German language.




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Book synopsis/description:

This e-book contains ten lessons for learning the basics of the German language.

Along with this e-book, you also get ten individual MP3 audio files via email. And in each of these audio files, the text of each individual lesson is spoken and recorded in German.

While "reading"the German lesson, you should simultaneously "hear" the spoken text of that particular lesson in German. By this way, you understand and learn German a bit faster.

The accompanying translation gives you the meaning of every German word and sentence in English.

About the author:

Iintroduce myself as an Indian engineer trained by Germans in Germany.

Sincemore than 20 years, however, I am involved in teaching German toIndians ONLINE via Skype.

Basedon my long teaching experience, I have prepared my own textbook andmp3 audio or voice files for learning the basics of the Germanlanguage.

Onthe Internet, you are invited to visit me by clicking on thefollowing two links:



    A​mburkar​Vittal Rao

    Mobile:91-9611985312 / 9940578535

    SkypeName: avittalrao

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ISBN 0000000000000
Category Language, Linguistics and Writing
Language German
Edition First
Published in 2014
Publisher Amburkar Vittal Rao
Tags German , German E-book , German Primer , German Learning , German Beginner , German Language , German Text , German Alphabets , S

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